First Flights 2018 Programme – Performance Platform for Graduating Students

Join us in the ArtsOne foyer on Friday 15 June 2018 from 5.45pm to see the performance and art work of our graduating Drama students.

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Kaya Todes

Transcendence. I

Transcendence. I was a journey. A journey which started on the 1st of March 2018 and lasted until the 31st March 2018. One month dedicated to personal exploration. A month which proved that time is relative, especially when you travel inward.

Cindy Kim

A Severe Condemnation That Could Be Made Of A Person
Pinter Studio

In any social interaction, the constructed persona is at stake. How much respect and deference can a person claim? By what means, through what methods?

This performance examines the intersection of Asian “face” and Western “standing”, and where the boundary lies between them.

Lying to save face. We all do it.

Callum McSorley

Pinter Studio

An intoxicating insight into the workings of a northern, dyslexic brain fueled solely on Lucozade and steak pies. The result is a celebratory spectacle in which quirks become ceremonial rituals and attendants are made to obey the oaths of individualism and self-discovery.

Belisa Branças and Elizabeth Adejimi

The Stop
Pinter Studio

You grab a beer, sit on a chair in your garden and close your eyes. You taste that beer and it tastes like anywhere in the world.

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