This November discover the secret life of costume at the National Theatre with Aoife Monks as part of Being Human Festival

We’re excited to share news of a new multi-sensory walk at the National Theatre devised by our very own Aoife Monks.

About the event

Come along to ‘The Secret Lives of Costume’ and discover the profound ways in which clothing shapes the experience of our bodies and the world. This sensory walk backstage at the National Theatre invites audiences to pay attention to the senses we can use to engage with theatre costume, to the smell of sweat, the sensation of a corset, the weight and sound of armour or the taste of thread. Visitors are also invited to consider the meanings of theatre costume for the people who work with it. Building on recent scholarship on the histories of backstage work, this event draws on research by Dr Aoife Monks to investigate the multi-sensory aspects of costume work. The event draws attention to the people who construct, repair and wear costumes for a living at the National Theatre.

This walk will be repeated on Saturday 23 November between 15:00 and 16:15.

Due to the nature of this event if you have any questions about accessibility we recommend getting in touch directly with the organiser.

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