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We were excited to receive this entry to our The Power of Poetry campaign from BA English with Creative Writing student Kamana Rai.

She says:

Hi, I’m Kamana, a final year QM student studying English with Creative Writing. I am a writer/poet hoping to publish more of my poetry this year. This poem is about hope, renewal and the beauty of nature. It is inspired by Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, an Asian-American poet. I have come to really admire her work. She writes beautiful poetry that I think is one of a kind. 

Read the poem…

Autumn 2020

The nights are hung, more dark blue than azure

or the summer remnants, of ocean

and warm breeze, in reminiscence, 

still, melting — how it finds a sweet spot on the body, rests, 

releases on the succulent skin, baring, now wished away. 

The seasons, they listen, give and work in life cycles;

await and thrive; survive the torrential man-kind. 

Bloom with the new autumn morning, exhale as night falls.

The leaves are changing with the light. 

Burnt sienna in spectrums, intrinsic golden shapes.

In reflections of pools, living forms making homes

under daylight, in conversational affairs with the horizon, 

like how our irises hold an affinity with heaven. 

The leaves are in love with the waning sunlight,

releasing themselves, vibrant, leaving their remembrance.

Transgressing the summer remnants, in new hues, 

spectrums of light filtering the veins of every leaf.

I can’t help but learn immensely, being present to the environment.

It does not need to talk to me, just open in beauty.

The autumn light permeates every follicle of the cell, raises a warmth 

in the atmospheric sphere.

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