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Student of the week: Salma Ali – BA English with Creative Writing

An indecisive creative who’s passionate about most things.

Tell us about your time at QMUL. What have been your highlights?

So far at QMUL, being surrounded by like minded people has been a highlight. As well as this, being able to fully explore in depth and analyse texts, or being able to study new theories and schools of thought in detail has also been a highlight.

How has your course at Queen Mary helped you to progress into the world outside? What’s next?

Queen Mary has provided me with a lot of opportunities that I don’t think I would have been aware of if I was elsewhere – I’ve taken part in QMentoring, and this has helped me a lot to understand the world of employment in my specific field, and how I could progress beyond my BA into potentially further study, or what career paths I could take.

Aside from course content what have been your favourite elements of the experience of studying here as a whole?

One of the best elements of studying at QMUL has been the people that I’ve met and the friendships I have formed. It has also been enjoyable to join societies that are about things I am interested in, and being able to meet new people through this.

Tell us about your life outside Queen Mary including any projects, ambitions or jobs you’ve had.

I’ve been involved in the Harper Collins Author Academy, which has been amazing to be a part of and has been a great experience as a whole, giving invaluable insights into the publishing industry as well as helping me to understand what I’d have to do if I wanted to get my work published.

What could be improved to enhance future students’ experience at Queen Mary?

I think that the university has a good support system as it is, but perhaps making these more known to students could help enhance the experience of future students.

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