What makes Queen Mary drama different by Estelle Homerstone

We caught up with Drama graduate and now staff member Estelle about why she thinks Queen Mary is different and an exciting place to study Drama.

Active Research university – your tutors and academics are not only delivering the highest quality teaching but are also delving deep into their own research. They find endless hours in the day to explore the topics in their specialisms, which range from verbatim theatre to foley sound work, to changing the policy of the arts in education, to award winning performance art creation and so much more.

Being the only connected campus university in London a big thing for me coming to university four years ago was wanting the full experience, having my accommodation in halls and seeing all my mates go to their rooms just a stone’s throw away. It’s great to be able to have that on the Mile End campus with very exciting and eclectic architecture and views by the canal and lots of grass all around it, and at the same time be able to look down the stretch of the Mile End road and see the big city buildings is an amazing combination.

For me, as someone who spent a lot of their university life in central London when not in class, whether that was working, seeing shows or taking full advantage of the nightlife, having an entire city on your doorstep is a huge bonus to the university experience.

Opening your mind – the things I learnt during my BA drama undergrad and things I’m now thinking about in any role based around being a practitioner drama are skills and concepts that I hadn’t even thought about before my time here, but are now integral to my thinking and creating.

The social and political basis of all artwork and the eye in which you look at that is so skillfully trained during your time here that you look at so much artistic content so differently. You bring these elements such as accessibility, agency, diversity, and relevance into play in everything you do after that, making you so much more of a well rounded and progressive creator.

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