Free English and Drama Taster Sessions Announced for our Open Day on Saturday 2 October 2021

We’re really excited to deliver our tasters in a hybrid format next Saturday 2 October. Please register to get on campus or online access.

English & Creative Writing

Creative Writing Taster Session: Finding Your Many Voices – Nisha Ramayya

In this session, we will listen to a selection of contemporary poets who write and perform in voices, discuss their work, and then try writing our own dialogic or multivocal texts. 


What’s Love Got To Do With It?  Putting Romeo and Juliet In Its Place’- David Colclough

In this short taster lecture I’ll explore what happens when we read one of the most famous love stories – Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet – with the help of some historical context (spoiler: it gets less romantic). No prior knowledge of the play is required. 



Show Business:  Theatre and Capitalism – Michael McKinnie

What is “show business”?  How is it different from other business?  How is it the same?  And what can it tell us about the relationship between theatre and the economic world in which we live, work and play.

1345 -1415

Theatre and Protest – Aoife Monks

This session gives a taste of the long history of protest at the theatre, looking at riots, censorship and theatrical activism in the auditorium and on the streets. 


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