“Perceptions” – MA Creative Writing Take Over


We perceive only ourselves. What we then perceive expands and contracts depending on what we take ourselves to be. Perception is what lies between what we see and what there is. All thirteen of us are a kitsch of experience, lived lives, and therefore, entirely distinct perceptions. The 2022/23 MA Creative Writing class have come together to explore their perceptions and how they view the world through various forms. Collectively, they have collaborated to produce their very own anthology, a pile of work that holds individuality while retaining a sense of togetherness through unintentional crossing themes. Here are thirteen mirrors. Make of the reflections herein what you will.

Meet Our Writers

Lily Mordaunt (she/her)

Khadijah Hassani (she/her)

Ines Platten (she/her)

Casey Dexter (she/her)

Nishat Rahman (she/her)

Alif Hoque (he/him)

Melisa Ozer (she/her)

D. H. Dhaenens (she/they)

Luana Pontes (she/her)

Sofia Freitas Andrade (she/they)

Dora Maludi (she/her)

Ananya Chaturvedi (she/her)

All the writers' signatures.
All the writers’ signatures.


We would first like to start off by thanking everyone who took part in this anthology, and everyone that was involved in the making and producing of this group project. We hope we’ve made you proud, and hope you love it!

A special thanks to Aris, for the beautiful cover page of the printed anthology and for taking everyone’s ideas on board, it was an important factor that made everyone happy. Rupert, who has always been a reliable and kind person, thank you for helping with the digital side of things, but also for your efficiency. Brian, for being there to listen and give advice when we got stuck, and remaining interested in our anthology, while also walking us through his classes, simply because he cared. And, of course, Nisha, because without her none of this would be possible – thank you for listening to our concerns and being so easy to talk to; your guidance and feedback meant each lesson gave us something we would not have otherwise had, and our workshops meant that we were able to discover what suited us as individuals and us as a group. These moments that you’ve given us will (forever) be unforgettable.

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