#HumanitiesMatter – HEPI Report says ‘Humanities education is a UK strength’ – Our academics are part of the story

The Higher Education Policy Institute has published a report highlighting the value of humanities education to the UK.

Comment from leading Queen Mary researcher at Alan Turing Institute, Professor Ruth Ahnert

The most exciting research innovations happening at the moment are at the interface between the humanities and sciences. The digital humanities and computational humanities are thriving research areas.

But it’s important not to think of the sciences as the saviour of the humanities in these spaces.

The increasing prevalence of large language models mean that we need critical reading skills at scale, to understand the harmful biases that arise form the vast training data being fed to these machines.

AI initiatives desperately need more humanities graduates at the table.

Professor Ruth Ahnert (QMUL) working on Living with Machines Project at Alan Turing Institute

Cultural Historian Tiffany Watt Smith (Drama)’s work is featured in the report:

Page 15 of the report features our academic Professor Tiffany Watt Smith

Key points from the report:

  • There is a strong correlation between the skills of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS) graduates and key skills valued by employers.
  • Eight of the 10 fastest growing sectors employ more AHSS graduates than graduates of other disciplines. A Humanities training may not pay back most quickly in the workforce, but it is likely to give good resilience and longevity for longer term prospects.
  • The number of UK students choosing Humanities subjects suggests they continue to recognise the value of degrees that fit them not narrowly for any one particular career, but which develop the talents and skills needed for a wide range of opportunities.

Read more about the report

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