English and Drama Newsletter – May 2022 Edition

Welcome to May in the School of English and Drama at Queen Mary University of London.

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Pictured above: The School staff at their away day this week.

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championing the value of our degrees.

Left: Fatema (Current English Student)
Right: Elliott (Drama graduate)

Open Events

A paint explosion with white text saying 'Diverse thinking creates brilliant breakthroughs'

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17-18 June – In Person at QMUL Mile End | 18 June – Online

Come and discover our canalside campus to explore what makes English, Drama and Creative Writing at Queen Mary so special.

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Bollywood Dance Festival

Bollywood Dance Festival

28-29 May – 10:00-22:00 Daily – In-person in the People’s Palace Great Hall at QMUL Mile End

This May, Queen Mary Arts and Culture hosts Europe’s biggest Bollywood Dance Convention, bringing together the best choreographers, YouTubers and influencers from around the world.

Bollywood Dance Festival celebrates all forms of South Asian, Bollywood and Indian classical dance across 24 masterclasses led by a spectacular line-up of Bollywood choreographers and dance icons from India, UK and the USA. The convention is curated and produced by Bollywood Choreographer Naz Choudhury alongside internationally acclaimed dance company Bolly Flex.

Masterclasses will be held in 90-minute sessions throughout the weekend. Pick and choose a masterclass, or stay for the weekend! – classes are open to all, and you don’t need any previous experience with dance to take part.

Book tickets here: http://www.bollywooddancefestival.com/tickets
Enter promo code QMULARTS30 for 30% off all sessions

Click here for clips from featured choreographers including: Karthik Priyadarshan and Mohan Pandey of Kings United India, the World of Dance Champions; from the USA, Youtube dance sensations Anisha Babar and Swara Karulkar; India’s most popular viral dance icons Himanshu Dulani & Alex Badad; classically trained dance sensation Kumar Sharma; popular film TV dancing star Pery Sheetal; south of India reality TV dance icon Naval Arasan from B-Fab; Mumbai’s finest Akanksha Sharma and Muskan Singh, who recently appeared in India’s Best Dancer

For more info, please contact the Arts and Culture team qmul-arts@qmul.ac.uk

Book tickets with code QMULARTS30

Tea: Nature, Culture, Society, 1650-1850

Wednesday 22 – Friday 24 June 2022 – Online (Zoom)

From tea to teapots, taste to trade; this conference will explore natural histories, Chinese porcelain, tea’s impact on literature, and more.

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Mad Hearts Flyer

Mad Hearts – The Arts and Mental Health Masked/Unmasked10 June – In-person at QMUL Mile End and 11 June 2022 – Online (Zoom)

This two-day event explores productive, radical, contemporary encounters between the arts and mental health, bringing together clinical, artistic and research perspectives that offer a re-interpretation of contemporary mental health science and practice, with a view of imagining a different future.

Book ahead

Events Listings

Queer Ecology Seminar

Wednesday 11 May 2022 – 3-4.30pm – In-person – ArtsTwo Senior Common Room
  In-person seminar on ‘Queer Ecology’ led by Dennis Denisoff, one of our Distinguished Visiting Fellows.

Queer ecology studies engages with the sexual, sensual, and affective relations among the organic and inorganic, while also problematizing distinctions between the natural and unnatural. Sexuality, gender, trans, and affect studies engage with, among other things, animality studies, Anthropocene studies, deep green religion, and notions of urban, frontier, and Indigenous ecologies.

RSVP to Matt Rubery

‘Of Fear and Strangers’ Panel Discussion

George Makari’s book, Of Fear and Strangers: A History of Xenophobia (2021) traces the history of xenophobia from its origins to the present day. To discuss diverse experiences of xenophobia, past and present, Makari will be joined by David Feldman (Director, Birkbeck Institute for the Study of Antisemitism), Thomas W Laqueur (Berkeley), Akshi Singh (Queen Mary University of London). 

This month, Professor Thomas Laqueur is the Distinguished Visiting Fellow with the ‘Pathologies of Solitude‘ project at Queen Mary University of London.

All are welcome but registration is required. Please click here to register your attendance.

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Decadence, Paganism, and the Environment – In-Person & Online

  The School of English and Drama at Queen Mary – University of London is pleased to hosta conversation with Dennis Denisoff (Tulsa), Stefano Evangelista (Oxford) and Alex Murray(Queen’s, Belfast).

Please register via the button below to get the Zoom link or a seat in person.

Watch the previous round table on Decadence in the Arts here

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Charles Lamb’s Paperwork

Friday 27 May 2022 – Online (Zoom)

On Friday 27 May, Deidre Lynch of Harvard University will present a paper on ‘Charles Lamb’s Paperwork’ at the London-Paris Romanticism Seminar.

All welcome.

Events from around QMUL & Beyond

18 May
The Trembling Hand — Reflections of a Black Woman in the Romantic Archive with Mathelinda Nabugodi (English PhD graduate)

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8 June
A Phenomenology of Misfits | PhD Symposium | University of Greenwich

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14 June
Groundbreakers: A Living Maps Network events programme focused on the history and heritage of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park site for the 10th  anniversary of the Park opening.

Sponsored by the Raphael Samuel History Centre

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Daniel Oliver (Drama) will be presenting his board-game about performance art and time travel at CLAY in Leeds on 6 May Find out more

The Drop Out - Image from Aeon featuring a colourful mix of people all posed in front of a two storey house

Michael Craske (English)’s essay on Edmund Gosse’s malign influence on Swinburne studies is available in the latest issue of the International Walter Pater Society’s journal. Read more

Queen Mary Arts and Culture (Run by Aoife Monks (Drama) and Molly McPhee) launches new Assistant Producers programme

Read more

Listen to the BBC series One Direction on the points of the compass
  Author Jerry Brotton (English Department) presents a five-part series exploring each of the four cardinal directions in turn – north, east, south and west – and the possibility that, in the age of digital mapping, we are being left disoriented.

Contributors include: Google spatial technologist Ed Parsons, historian Sujit Sivasundaram, neuroscientist Hugo Spiers, author Rana Kabbani, journalist and editor for Bloomberg City Maps Laura Bliss and many more mapaholics.

Listen now

David Duff at Royal College of Psychiatrists

On 28 April David Duff spoke at the Faculty of Addictions annual conference at the Royal College of Psychiatrists. He was part of an interdisciplinary panel celebrating the bicentenary of the publication of Thomas De Quincey’s Confessions of an English Opium-Eater. His fellow panellists were the historian Lucy Inglis, author The Milk of Paradise: A History of Opium, and the psychiatrist Sir John Strang, Director of the National Addiction Centre, who described De Quincey’s Confessions as ‘the greatest book in the world ever written about addiction’.

David argued that it was also a masterpiece of Romantic literature, inspired by Wordsworth’s autobiographical poetry and by the myth of drug-induced creativity in Coleridge’s ‘Kubla Khan’. David’s PhD student Hannah Donovan is writing about dreams in De Quincey and every year his undergraduates do group projects on the Confessions as part of the Romantics and Revolutionaries module. He was pleased to hear professional psychiatrists expressing similar enthusiasm for De Quincey’s extraordinary book.

Alumni Round Up

Chloe Borthwick (Drama BA) is presenting their show Christ Alive! at Camden People’s Theatre. The show is a miraculous encounter with the son of God. The power of comedy music drama compels you.

Not everything is as it seems. This show is less about Jesus, more about faith, love, and expectation. Jesus shows us that miracles can be actualised with simple belief, the glory of song, and a perfectly executed punchline. Crazy holy good.

Get tickets and more information

Best wishes,


Rupert Dannreuther

Marketing Manager

Queen Mary University of London

English and Drama Newsletter – April 2022 Edition

Welcome to April in the School of English and Drama at Queen Mary University of London.

Booking is now open for:

SAVE THE DATE Peopling the Palaces festival 2022 from 9-19 June 2022. Please get in touch with Lois Weaver if you’d like to take part.


Open Events

A wall with Spitalfields market sign and white text saying ' Everyone could be the one who can bring a story to life'

Final Undergraduate Offer Holder Day

Our offer holder days are a great chance to meet students and staff from the course to get a feel for the course and inspiring community you could join.

DateTimeVirtual/on-campus Wednesday 20 April 10:30-15:30 Virtual – Booking Now Live

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Book now for June Open Days

17-18 June – In Person at QMUL Mile End | 18 June – Online

Come and discover our canalside campus and discover what makes English, Drama and Creative Writing at Queen Mary so special.

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Events Listings

English Postgraduate Research Seminar – Spring Festival
7 April, Prof. Tiffany Stern
Product Placement and Marketing in the Early Modern TheatreGet a Zoom link here 13 April, S. Pearl Brilmyer When the Native Returns: The Indexicality of Race in Darwin and HardyGet a Zoom link here

Find out more

Free tickets for students: Hannes Schüpbach & Stephen Watts | Explosion of Words

Thursday 7 April 2022 – 6.30-7.45pm  – In Person at Nunnery Gallery in Bow
Chaired by Nisha Ramayya (Creative Writing at QMUL), join a panel of established speakers, writers, and academics including Stephen Watts, Hannes Schüpbach, Jo Catling, and Chris McCabe as they dig into the significance of Watts’ Bibliography and its crucial place in a full consideration of modern poetry in translation.

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Notes on Gesture, Response-ability, and the Interstice – Online

Wednesday 13 April 2022 – Online

Thinking about media such as film, performance, and photography as gestural, Schneider draws on Black Feminist Thought and materialist phenomenology to consider flesh as responsive materiality, given to transposition — the viscous, reverberant, and interstitial substance of our ongoing afterlives in the age of bioeconomic Man. Among artworks and actions addressed may be Glenn Ligon’s Hands, Carrie Mae Weems’s Monument, Laura Aquilar’s Grounded #111, and Schneider’s own daily walk while white to her office through a Triumphal Arch on unceded Narragansett territory. The talk is incomplete, composed of incommensurable parts, and pitched toward discussion.

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The Paradis Files
Commissioned by The Stables for IF: Milton Keynes International Festival
A Graeae Theatre Company production in partnership with BBC Concert Orchestra and Curve Theatre

13-14 April – Southbank Centre

Our QMUL PhD alum Selina Mills has co-written the libretto for an opera named ‘The Paradis Files’, which is touring the UK

An extraordinary blind musician. A family hell-bent on a cure.

In the glittering salons of 18th-century Vienna, Maria-Theresia von Paradis is a star. Pianist, composer, touring musician; this pupil of Salieri and friend (and alleged lover) of Mozart has captivated Europe with her own sensational talent. They call her The Blind Enchantress.

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Latin American Decolonial Feminisms Workshop

Thursday 14 April 2022, 10:00-17:00 – Online

This one-day interdisciplinary workshop on Latin American decolonial and feminist studies brings together doctoral researchers, early career researchers, senior scholars, and activists working on subjects that overlap with this framework in Britain. The workshop will explore both the challenges and the potential of this process, and it hopes to be the basis for the creation of a scholars and activist network.

The event will include simultaneous interpretation into English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Encuentro de Feminismos Decoloniales Lationamericanos

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More Than Skin Deep: Inspiring the Foster Carers of the Future

21-26 April – Online 

The Verbatim Formula is a university research project for care-experienced young people, which uses creative practices such as performance, film and poetry.

In our current research we are telling positive stories around experiences and journeys of care. We aim to inspire the foster carers of the future. If you are a foster carer, we would love to hear from you.

Find out more about this research project

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Thawra’s Spoken Poetry Night

Wednesday 27 April 2022 – Online

Want to see some brilliant Muslim poets perform their work AND donate money to a brilliant cause?

Thawra is running this Spoken Poetry Night in Ramadan to showcase the work of some of the brilliant Muslim poets that have come their way — and new ones!

With 50% of ticket sales being donated to Muslim Youth Helpline, Thawra (run by English with Creative Writing grad Asia Khatun) wanted to further give back to one of the many diverse communities that we wish to represent on our platform.

Get ready for an incredible evening of poetry that explores spirituality, identity, socio-politics and highlights the importance of the literary arts!

Buy tickets at the link below before they run out!

Book now

Witnessing: Readings and Conversation, with Andrea Brady and Rachel Zolf

Wednesday 27 April – Online via Zoom with Live Captioning

Join us online for readings and conversations about witnessing. Featuring Andrea Brady and Rachel Zolf. Rachel Zolf, in No One’s Witness: A Monstrous Poetics (Duke University Press, 2021), ‘activates the last three lines of a poem by Jewish Nazi holocaust survivor Paul Celan—“No one / bears witness for the / witness”—to theorize the poetics and im/possibility of witnessing.’ Andrea Brady, in The Blue Split Compartments , ‘draws on chatroom logs, military policy manuals, pattern of life archives, and accounts by witnesses around the world to document the consequences of the perpetual and ‘everywhere war.’

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The C-Word Debates: Class & Stand Up Comedy

Thursday 28 April – 7pm
  Chaired by Eddie Nestor with a panel including comedian Suzi Ruffell and our very own Dr Huw Marsh (English). The panel discuss authenticity and humour.
  As the generation of comics who honed their craft in working men’s clubs move over and stand-up comedy has evolved into huge arenas and big money, is there a danger that working class voices will be squeezed out? 
  Are caricatures like Al Murray’s Pub Landlord who invite audiences to laugh at, rather than with another threat to authentic working-class voices on the circuit.
  In an era of cancel culture are class jokes only allowed to be told by working class comics?  

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Events from around QMUL

7-8 April
Conference – More Than Just a Game 2022: The power of games and interactive entertainment


Hanna Silva  is a guest on BBC Radio 3’s The Verb talking about the appeal of risk and chance.

Listen now

The Drop Out - Image from Aeon featuring a colourful mix of people all posed in front of a two storey house

Last few months to submit your work to our Queen Mary Wasafiri New Writing Prize 2022

Read more

Abbie Jukes (English) is starting a PhD and Early Career Research Blog around challenges in academia

Email Abbie or DM on Twitter

The White Review features an interview by Zara Dinnen with Zach Balas
  Artist Zach Blas discusses psychedelics, Silicon Valley futurism and the history of a speculative US military weapon known as the ‘gay bomb’.

Find out more

Alumni Round Up

Laura Mucklow (English BA, 2014) shares her journey into marketing and what she loves most about working for a company that has a ‘start-up mentality’:

“I studied English Literature which places a big emphasis on research, creativity, and finding evidence to support arguments. My role in Marketing now is a mixture of figures, logic, and creativity so it definitely helped steer me into the role.”

Read the whole interview

Cathy Hayward (English and History BA, 1997) recently published her debut novel, The Girl in the Maze, and has a second (and third!) novel on the way. In her profile, Cathy talks about the historical and personal influences in her books, her career in journalism and PR, and shares her advice for anyone interested in writing.

Read Cathy’s profile

Open Calls for Students, Staff & Alumni

Call for Participation – Performance and State Violence Conference

QMUL Mile End campus and online, 15-16 June 2022

Free registration, abstract deadline April 17
Find out more

Artistic Contributions Wanted for Mad Hearts

10-11 June 2022

Submit your creative work

Charlie Pullen’s award-winning essay is published in writes for Key Words: A Journal of Cultural Materialism Charlie writes about progressive art teacher Marion Milner (who taught girls in Derby in the 1910s to paint with their eyes shut) and her relationship with modernist culture and the democratisation of arts education is out now in the latest issue of Key Words: A Journal of Cultural Materialism. This was the article he wrote that won the Raymond Williams Society Simon Dentith Memorial Essay Prize in 2019.

About the journal & how to access

People’s Palace Projects Update
Recently People’s Palace Project hosted Marcus Faustini Secretary of Culture from Rio de Janeiro and met with many key arts organisations and the Greater London Assembly on climate change and the arts.

Find out more about People’s Palace Projects

English and Drama Newsletter – March 2022 Edition

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🇺🇦 We express our solidarity with those in Ukraine. How to help

Welcome to March in the School of English and Drama at Queen Mary University of London.

We are very excited to announce our new courses are open for applications for this September:

We are also excited to relaunch:

Main image: Patricia Hamilton at Tate Britain’s Life Between Islands – Caribbean-British Art 1950s-Now. Another image from the day is on display on third floor of ArtsOne and features Althea McNish‘s Tobago as a background for Patricia.

Open Events

Undergraduate Offer Holder Days

Our offer holder days are a great chance to meet students and staff from the course to get a feel for the course and inspiring community you could join.

Saturday 12 March 10:30-15:30 In Person – Last few places
Wednesday 14 April 10:30-15:30 Virtual – Booking Now Live

Book for March & April

Postgraduate Open Evening

Thursday 24 March – In Person at QMUL Mile End and Online

Come to our friendly Master’s event in person and online to hear about what’s on offer for September 2022 entry and talk to us.

Book for the Master’s event

Events Listings

English Postgraduate Research Seminar – Spring Festival

The PGRS Committee is delighted to invite you to our final three online talks of the semester, featuring Oscar Wilde’s stories for children, the ‘cognitive ecologies’ of reconstructed theatres like Shakespeare’s Globe, and the original food, drink, and pamphlets of early modern theatre.
  17 March – Prof. Michele Mendelssohn (Oxford)

‘Nasty, Brutish Short Stories: Oscar Wilde’s The Happy Prince Reconsidered’Register

24 March – Prof. Evelyn Tribble (UConn)

Reconstructions and Reunions: Cognitive Ecologies, Space, and Skill   

7 April – Prof. Tiffany Stern (Birmingham)

Product Placement and Marketing in the Early Modern Theatre

Rediscover: queer + trans – Year 12 Study Day for Schools and Colleges

Wednesday 23 March 2022 – 2-5pm  – In Person
A-level/BTEC study day for year 12s to help bring in queer + trans ideas as tools to discover English literature, drama and creative writing in fresh ways.

Please register every individual attendee through this form or email us via sed-web@qmul.ac.uk for group bookings.

Book now

Sarah Knott on ‘Maternity, Care and Solitude’

Tuesday 5 April 2022, 17:00 – Online via Zoom
In the final paper in our 2021/22 seminar series, Sarah Knott from Indiana University discusses histories of motherhood and solitude.

Book now

Witnessing: Readings and Conversation, with Andrea Brady and Rachel Zolf

Wednesday 27 April – Online via Zoom with Live Captioning

Join us online for readings and conversations about witnessing. Featuring Andrea Brady and Rachel Zolf. Rachel Zolf, in No One’s Witness: A Monstrous Poetics (Duke University Press, 2021), ‘activates the last three lines of a poem by Jewish Nazi holocaust survivor Paul Celan—“No one / bears witness for the / witness”—to theorize the poetics and im/possibility of witnessing.’ Andrea Brady, in The Blue Split Compartments , ‘draws on chatroom logs, military policy manuals, pattern of life archives, and accounts by witnesses around the world to document the consequences of the perpetual and ‘everywhere war.’

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Events from around QMUL

3 March

Ukraine – A critical test for the West?

8 March

International Women’s Day: Using the law to protect women’s rights & where the law can go further

10 March

Film Screening at QMUL: Ultraviolence + live Q&A about resistance to police violence


Models Required for Inclusive Fashion Show from Diaspora Speaks

Find out more & apply

The Drop Out - Image from Aeon featuring a colourful mix of people all posed in front of a two storey house

Charlie Williams from QMUL’s Solitudes Project explores the history of the dropout.

Read the article

English alumna Olivia on London Ambulance Service, nursing and running a beauty blog.

Read Olivia’s story

Listen to the latest Craft podcast by Wasafiri Magazine 

Catch English television presenter, photographer and author of Afropean: Notes from Black Europe Johny Pitts on the next episode of Craft Podcast launching very soon. Follow @craft_podcast on Twitter for episodes and updates.

Find out more

New videos

Lucretia McCarthy for LGBTQ+ History Month 2022

English Literature Graduate Simran Singh on her degree & working at Sky

Alumni Round Up

Hugo Aguirre (Drama) is a contestant on Sky Arts’ new series, The Big Design Challenge. This competition will see eight creatives battle different design challenges across five episodes to be crowned “Britain’s next design superstar”. Follow @hugoaguirre_design on Instagram. 

Conor Burke (Drama) is presenting his show Everything is Grand, and I’m Completely OK at The Hope Theatre from 6 March.

Edie Edmundson (Drama) is in Robert Icke’s puppet Animal Farm touring round the UK.

Figs in Wigs (Drama) are presenting their work Little Wimmin as part of WOW – Women of the World Festival on Sunday 13 March 2022.

Ruth Prawer Jhabvala CBE (English MA) is Booker prize-winning novelist, short story writer and two-time Oscar winning screenwriter and is celebrated on Instagram here.

Open Calls for Students, Staff & Alumni

2022 is shaping up to be an amazing year of events. Take part in the following:

Reminder: you can talk to our public engagement team or Rupert to talk through planning events or projects.

New blog posts from the Solitudes project including Akshi Singh and on Talking to yourself
Josh Cohen in Conversation with Akshi Singh

Vanessa Lim, Talking to Myself

Best wishes,


Rupert Dannreuther

Marketing Manager

Queen Mary University of London

English and Drama Newsletter – February 2022 Edition

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Welcome to February in the School of English and Drama.

We’ve already had so much happen in January 2022 including:

  • Celebrating our graduates at graduation ceremony for our class of 2020 and 2021.
  • Our Head of English Suzanne Hobson talks about Modernism on Radio 4 – listen here.
  • Our first in person offer holder day where we welcomed over 70 guests to see what makes English and Drama at Queen Mary so inclusive and special.


We would like to take this opportunity in the year to remind students and staff them of support available inside and outside the college.

Find out about Support for Students and Staff

Main Image from: Danielle De Leon from our English class of 2021 and Founding Editor​​ & Digital Media Team Member at Wonderer Journal.

Open Events

Queens' building on our Mile End Campus, Nisha Ramayya from our creative writing team, our housing team, Michael McKinnie from drama and a student in Shoreditch.
Queens’ building on our Mile End Campus, Nisha Ramayya from our creative writing team, our housing team, Michael McKinnie from drama and a student in Shoreditch.

Undergraduate Offer Holder Days

Our offer holder days are a great chance to meet students and staff from the course to get a feel for the course and inspiring community you could join.

Saturday 12 February 10:30-15:30 In Person – Limited availability

Saturday 13 March 10:30-15:30 In Person – Good availability

Wednesday 14 April 10:30-15:30 – Virtual – Booking opens soon

Book for March

Postgraduate Open Evening

Come to our friendly Master’s event to hear about what’s on offer for September 2022 entry and talk to us about:


MA Theatre and Performance

MSc Creative Arts and Mental Health


MA English Literature:

Book for March

Research Events

A flyer for T.MUDD event

T.MUDD. A Performance-Lecture on Messianic Themes with Associate Professor Brandon Woolf (NYU)

Wednesday 9 February – Soft start at 18:30 GMT with a presentation starting at 19:00 GMT via Zoom 

Tickets are free but please RSVP on Zoom


For a few years now, I’ve been reading and re-reading six particular pages of the Babylonian Talmud, which confront some confounding questions of messianism. I’m not a scholar of Talmud; I really have no business digging around in this foundational tome of rabbinic Judaism. And yet, these six pages persist in their invitation – again and again – to consider catastrophe, caesura, mourning, and morning joe via dialogue, debate, parable, mathematical calculation, geopolitical commentary, conspiracy theory, and seemingly dadaist non-sequitur. T.MUDD is a performance-lecture with new music that moves back and forth between these varying Talmudic registers and modes of address in the hopes of moving us just a little bit closer to (or perhaps way further away from) answering the persistent questions: Just what are we waiting for? And what should we do while we wait – for the end without end?

Brandon Woolf is a theater artist and clinical associate professor at New York University, where he directs the Program in Dramatic Literature. www.brandonwoolfperformance.com

Book now

‘Vegetable monsters and curiosities’: Plant Horror in the Palm House at Kew

Thu 10 February 2022, 17:00 – Zoom

Dr Kate Teltscher

Completed in 1848, Kew’s Palm House was associated with both plant magnificence and plant monstrosity.  From the start, the Palm House attracted considerable attention from journalists and the popular scientific, educational and religious press. 

Book now

A stack of The White Review magazines

The White Review Presents: Art and Literature in Conversation

Thu 10 February 2022, 19:00 – Whitechapel Gallery

Head to Whitechapel Gallery for a discussion to celebrate the latest issue of leading arts and literature magazine The White Review.

Experimental writer Irenosen Okojie, author of the award-winning novel, Butterfly Fish, will be in conversation with editor Izabella Scott (QMUL).

Book now

Dyspraxic Approaches to Teaching Live Art - Poster with key info and a picture messy pile of multiple strands of purple wool.

Dyspraxic Approaches to Teaching Live Art in a ‘Neurodivergent’/ ‘Normodivergent’ classroom 

Mon 7 March – Online via Zoom with Live Captioning

a talk by Daniel Oliver and Sumita Majumdar 

In this session Daniel and Sumita will be reading from, and expanding on, their co-authored chapter ‘Dyspraxic Approaches to Teaching Live Art in a ‘Neurodivergent’/‘Normodivergent’ classroom’, published in Petronilla Whitfield’s edited collection Inclusivity and Equality in Performance Training: Teaching and Learning for Neuro and Physical Diversity (NY: Routledge, 2021). They will share their experiences, detailed in the chapter, of neurodivergent/normodivergent teaching and learning, and build on their argument that these experiences and approaches are ideal when working with Live Art and experimental performance practices. 

Book now


  1. SED Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Student Initiative Fund Find out more & apply
  2. Suzanne Hobson talks about Modernism on BBC Sounds Listen on BBC now
  3. Congrats to Balraj and all our other students at #QMULGrad Discover our grad tips
A contemporary cinema with rows of red seats and lit up sides.

BLOC – New Research a new Film & Drama Practice research facility at QMUL

The project will create an integrated suite of facilities that support our research into Film, Drama and associated post-production activities. 

 We’re calling it “BLOC” to speak to building blocks, the grid, connectivity.

One of our aims is to create the most accessible Cinema in a London University, that will make it inclusive for everyone, whether they require physical or neurodiverse support or not.

Find out more

Daniel Mella is pictured as the next guest on the Craft Podcast. He is a man with a black denim shirt.

Wasafiri Craft Podcast

We now have a dedicated page for Craft on the Wasafiri website! Go to http://wasafiri.org/article/podcast/… for all things Craft including full transcripts of every episode and exclusive bonus outtakes.

Listen to the latest episode with Daniel Mella here: https://t.co/EJqxTn4yTa

Phakama have a new project for 16-21 year olds this February: Our Stories

Rise Up is a FREE opportunity for young people aged 16- 21 to create, learn, collaborate and express themselves. This is a unique experience for up to ten young people, who will be led by Phakama’s Young Creatives, to take part in a one-week cross-arts project. Using different art forms such as drama, music, creative writing and movement, you will have the opportunity to create your own show and share it with a live audience at Graeae Theatre in East London. No previous arts experience necessary.

Apply to take part

Julie Rose Bower new projects in ASMR for 2022

In February, for Valentine’s Day, a dance film that Julie Rose has sound designed (dir. Jo Bannon for Candoco Dance Company) is going to have its international debut at Sadlers Wells Digital Stage. Candoco are a disability-inclusive dance company and she has written about my approach to creating a tactile sound design and cultivating an inclusive sound practice for Performance Research’s forthcoming issue ‘On Touch’. This is a very beautiful and erotic piece exploring relationships with objects. My sound design has an ASMR aesthetic and features innovative use of contact microphones.

Follow Julie Rose on Twitter

Souradeep Roy published in new Routledge Anthology

Souradeep Roy’s (PhD Drama, 2nd Year) essay, “Ajitesh Bandyopadhyay, Nandikar, and the World,” which was first published in South Asian Review (2020), was published in the anthology of essays Global South Asia: South Asian Literatures and the World (2022) published by Routledge.

Access the new book

If you have any news for our March edition, spot any errors or notice we missed anything please do let me know: sed-web@qmul.ac.uk.

Best wishes,


Rupert Dannreuther

Marketing Manager

Queen Mary University of London

English and Drama Newsletter – January 2022 Edition

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Welcome to 2022 in the School of English and Drama.

We’re excited to welcome our students back to campus for our second semester later this month and to meet so many potential new students at our offer holder days and events.

January UCAS deadline for equal consideration is 26 January 2022. We would love to receive an application from you before this deadline. Please contact sed-admissions@qmul.ac.uk if you need help with undergraduate admissions.

PhD application deadline January 19 for QMUL and January 28 for LAHP. Please contact sed-research@qmul.ac.uk if you need any help with these.


Undergraduate Offer Holder Days

Our offer holder days are a great chance to meet students and staff from the course to get a feel for the course and inspiring community you could join.

Date Time Virtual/on-campus

  • Saturday 22 January 10:30-13:30 On campus
  • Saturday 12 February 10:30-15:30 Hybrid
  • Saturday 13 March 10:30-15:30 Hybrid
  • Wednesday 14 April 10:30-15:30 Virtual

Email us about offer holder days

Seminar – Michael Rowland on ‘Sociable Bodies, Solitary Minds: Men and Belonging in Eighteenth-Century Culture’ – Solitudes Seminar on 25 Jan Online

Book here


Bangladesh at 50 Victory Day Concert

Watch the concert

2020-21 Graduation is coming on 20 Jan at Tobacco Dock in Wapping

Find out more

Bethany is Instagram creator in residence

Follow us on Instagram

Our 2021 Year in Review

Read it here

Martin Welton (Drama) featured issue of Ambiances Just published – co-edited by Chloé Déchery (Paris 8 Vincennes) and Martin Welton (QMUL), the second volume of a special issue on Staging Atmospheres in the journal Ambiances: The International Journal of Sensory Environment, Architecture and urban Space.

Read Staging Atmospheres: Theatre & the Atmospheric Turn – Volume 2

Tobi Poster-Su (Drama) writes on Sculpting China: Critical Puppetry and the Formation of Diasporic Identity for Critical Stages

The article explores the ways puppetry might resist and disrupt racial constructions of identity in Tobi Poster-Su’s performance as research project Chang and Eng and Me (and Me).

Read the article

Elizabethan England and the Islamic World

Elizabethan England and the Islamic World

Award-winning writer and historian Professor Jerry Brotton (English) and journalist Shafi Musaddique explored Tudor links with the Islamic world with the British Library.

Links and Opportunities

Student Opportunity

I Am You Anthology Project – working with young people on the Equality Act

Happy new year and we hope you are well.  We are writing to you about an exciting upcoming student opportunity.  The Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre (QMLAC) http://www.lac.qmul.ac.uk/ are bringing together an inter-disciplinary student working group to run an exciting project with 9 and 10 year old children.  The project will build on the current work of the QMLAC I Am You project (http://www.lac.qmul.ac.uk/clients/community-projects/i-am-you/) which runs workshops in local primary schools on the Equality Act. 

This opportunity will teach students about the protected characteristics in the Equality Act 2010, and support and empower them to write personal reflections (poems / stories etc.). These reflections will them be compiled into a hard copy anthology with a launch event in the spring where we will host a recital for the young people to present their work to their families.

We are looking to bring together a group of:

  • 3 Law students
  • 4 English students
  • 3 Drama students
  • 2 Marketing students

Students can be from any year of studies (post graduate or undergraduate) as long as they are committed, engaged and available for the entirety of the project. 

Together the team will be trained to design and deliver;

  • a training video and document to launch the competition to local 9 and 10 year olds,
  • a judging panel to select the best contributions to for the anthology,
  • promote competition and the recital, and
  • support with the organisation of the final event.

This will be a project led by the QMLAC as part of the Queen Mary Sketch initiative (https://www.qmul.ac.uk/sketch/).

The first compulsory meeting for this project will be held online from 3-5pm on the 19th January where the team will come together and plan the project. 

How to get involved?

If you are interested in being involved in this unique interdisciplinary opportunity please send a CV and cover email explaining why you are interested to lac@qmul.ac.uk by Monday 17th January at 10.00am. We will aim to let applicants know if they have been successful noon on the 18th January.  Please be aware that the first session is compulsory and so we encourage all applying to ensure they are free 3-5pm on the 19th January.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the QMLAC team at lac@qmul.ac.uk.

LAHP 2022/23 Collaborative Doctoral Award Projects Recruiting

Performance-based co-creation with young people as political activism: contextualising and disseminating the work of Fevered Sleep

Collaborative Doctoral Award in collaboration with Queen Mary University of London and Fevered Sleep

Primary academic supervisor: Kiera Vaclavik
Secondary academic supervisor: Maggie Inchley
Collaborative Partner lead contact: Louisa Borg-Costanzi Potts

Find out more

Disability and the Home: Space, Domesticity, and Identity in London, 1840-1945

Collaborative Doctoral Award in collaboration with Queen Mary University of London and the Museum of the Home

Primary academic supervisor: Matthew Rubery
Secondary academic supervisor: Alison Blunt
Collaborative Partner lead contact: Danielle Patten
Collaborative Partner supervisor: Rebecca Jacobs

If you have any listings for the next newsletter please do let me know: sed-web@qmul.ac.uk


Rupert Dannreuther


Queen Mary University of London

English and Drama Newsletter – December 2021 Edition

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Welcome to our last newsletter in the School of English and Drama at Queen Mary University of London.

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Images from left to right: Patricia Hamilton (Admin Team) at Life Between Islands at Tate Britain, Wasafiri Issue 108:  House of Wisdom: Libraries and Literatures of Islam, Mojisola Adebayo (Drama) and image from Tamara Atkin discovery story (Guillaume kills a giant in an illumination from 13th and 14th century manuscripts of the ‘Chanson de Guillaume d’Orange.’ Photograph: Granger Historical Picture Archive/Alam).

REDISCOVER: FEMINISM: Last chance to book for our year 12 English, Drama and Creative Writing event next Wednesday.
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OFFER HOLDER DAYS: Our first offer holder day is happening on 15 December and we can’t wait to meet our applicants.

TIKTOK: We’re so happy with the response to our TikTok posts from our first student creator. Check out our latest post – snippets from student variety night Slappin Da Bass here.



MA English Literature and MA Creative Writing Zoom Event
Tuesday 7 November 2021
1600-1700 UK Time

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Bad English

Book Launch: Bad English: Literature, Multilingualism, and the Politics of Language in Contemporary Britain (2020) by Rachael Gilmour. A convivial conversation between Rachael, Nisha and Juliette will be followed by a reception.

Email to reserve a place


Come to Queen Mary’s Great Hall at the People’s Palace for a Victory Day concert featuring Naz & Bolly Flex, Mumzy, Nish, Khiyo, IMD, Iksy, Taal Torongo and DJ Osmani Soundz.

Book tickets


‘We talked about solitude’: Modernist Female Authors, Solitude, and Affective Bonding
Melissa Alexander (University of Oxford)
Tuesday 7 Dec 2021, 5:00pm – Online via Zoom
Book here

History of Libraries Seminar: Rachel Eckersley on dissenting academy libraries
Tuesday 7 Dec 2021, 5.30pm – Online
Book here

News & Links

Mojisola Adebayo (Drama)
has been shortlisted for the Alfred Fagon Award for Best New Play of the Year for ‘Family Tree‘. Family Tree is inspired by the life of Henrietta Lacks whose cells were unlawfully used in medical trials for hundreds of years.

Read more about the award | Read more about the play

Rehana Ahmed and Nadia Atia (English)
are guest editors of the latest edition of Wasafiri Magazine titled: House of Wisdom: Libraries and Literatures of Islam.

Buy a copy

Students and staff can read online

Alumnus Tomiwa Owolade’s book has been acquired byAtlantic and W.F. Howes This is Not America: Why We Need a New Conversation about Race. Tom studied BA English Literature and graduated in 2018 and Nathalie Grey profiled him for Black History Month last month.

Read the profile

Guillaume de Orange

Tamara Atkin (English)‘s discovery of a lost fragment of lost 12th-century epic poem was featured in the Guardian.

Read the full article

Craft Podcast Over the last year, Wasafiri’s Publishing Director, Malachi McIntosh (with support by members of the Wasafiri team) has been hard at work designing and recording Craft – a literary podcast featuring a range of international writers, including Daniel Mella, Chen Chen, Bernadine Evaristo, and Raymond Antrobus. Craft removes the constraints of the interview form, allowing guests to explore their work and processes on their own terms, and creating an immersive and intimate experience for the listener. The first episode with Nina Mingya Powles launched last month. We are proud that Wasafiri Magazine is based at Queen Mary University of London.

Listen now on your favourite podcast platform

Spaces of Solitudes

Solitudes Project podcast Spaces of Solitude wins Lovie Silver Award for the podcast episode ‘The Mind’ won Silver in Individual Episode category! The episode was produced by Natalie Steed, presented by Hetta Howes (PhD graduate) and curated by Akshi Singh.⠀Huge thanks to contributors Sarah Garfinkel, Denise Riley and Adam Philips.

You can listen here

The Distance Cure Hannah Zeavin discusses the role of distance in the history of mediated therapies with Solitudes researcher, Charlie Williams.

Read it here

Tiffany Watt-Smith (Drama)’s new book Bad Friend: A Love Story, a “necessary and timely” meditation on female friendship has been acquired by Faber & Faber.

Read more here

English and Drama Newsletter – November 2021 Edition

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Welcome to November in the School of English and Drama at Queen Mary University of London.

Rediscover Feminism

REDISCOVER: FEMINISM: We are hosting an exciting free study day event for year 12 students to take a fresh look at feminism to help with their studies.
Year 12 students and teachers can sign up early here

OFFER HOLDER DAYS: We will be hosting offer holder days for applicants who apply and get an offer from us.
Ask a question about your offer or applying

INSTAGRAM LIVE Q&A: Every Thursday at around 2pm we host a live Instagram Q&A. So far we have had a ball with Karina Lickorish Quinn, Michael Craske (and honey his pug!), Isabel Waidner and Martin Welton. Want to take part? Email us or DM on Instagram.

TIKTOK: We’re excited to launch our new social channel which we hope to give a platform to many students voices in the coming months.

Follow us on TikTok



3 ways to connect with us until our new events are announced…

1. Watch our recent events on demand:

Undergraduate Open Event

MA English Literature Event

MA Theatre and Performance Event

2. Book a 1-2-1 with Rupert to discuss the course you’re interested in.

3. Read our 21 Reasons to Apply before the UCAS Deadline


The Freedom & Independence Theatre Festival runs from 5-28 November 2021 and will comprise an intercultural programme marking the 50th anniversary of Bangladeshi independence. Activities will include 12 theatrical performances, exhibitions, curated talks and seminars. Queen Mary is a proud partner and one of the highlights on campus is:

Freedom and Independence: People Speak by British Bangladeshi Poetry Collective

A (bilingual) poetry-play event where audience members are invited to join BBPC poets on stage.

Get some highlights in our blog post
See the full programme


Projected Books

‘Projected Books for Veterans of the Second World War’
13 November 2021 | 2-4pm | Royal Hospital Chelsea

Join historian Matthew Rubery for a live demonstration of an invention from the Second World War that projected books onto the ceiling.

Book here

Stepney Words

Stepney Words Fifty Years On
14 November 2021 | People’s Palace, QMUL Mile End

The remarkable story of 1971’s Stepney Words, with Chris Searle, Stepney Words poets, historians, activists and today’s young voices.

Book here

The Laboratory of Psychical Research
13-16 November | 4.30pm | Senate House
 The wooden panelled Court Room at Senate House will play host to a reimagining of the historic National Laboratory of Psychical Research 1925-1930 by the celebrated paranormal investigator Harry Price.

Book here
See more events from Queen Mary in our New Perspectives Series at Being Human


Anna Harpin on ‘Being a Mess: Performance and The Tender Loneliness of Kim Noble’s You’re Not Alone’
9 November
In the second paper in the Solitudes project 2021/22 seminar series, Anna Harpin from the University of Warwick examines ‘being a mess’ as not only personal catastrophe but political, public event. Follow Pathologies of Solitude on Instagram

Film London Jarman Award Weekend 2021
14 November | Whitechapel Gallery Online

Nisha Ramayya (English/Creative Writing) will be reading poetry alongside a talk by Adham Faramwy one of the six artists shortlisted for the 2021 Film London Jarman Award. This weekend gives you the opportunity to view their films alongside a special live online programme that explores their different practices through talks and performances. 

SS Princess

Shane Boyle: “Waiting for Ships to Die”: Ever Given & Salvage Spectacles
Tuesday 16 November | Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
“This talk considers Ever Given within an extended history of salvage spectacles so as to consider the continuity of our logistical present with the empires of the past.”

Diaspora Speaks x Peach Creative Writing Event

Diaspora Speaks × Peach Magazine Creative Writing Workshop
16 November 2021 | 6-8 pm | St Benet’s Chaplaincy – QMUL Mile End
An amazing creative writing workshop is around the corner. A Diaspora Speaks x Peach Magazine collab. All welcome.
Sign up here

Living with Machines

Working With Machines
17 November | Online
‘Are we just feeding machines our own biases as we “train” up living machines?’ An online discussion of the Living With Machines project at the Alan Turing Institute. Prof. Ruth Ahnert is Principal Investigator on the flagship Turing project ‘Living With Machines’, and a Professor of Literary History and Digital Humanities at Queen Mary University of London.

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News & Links

Alumni Angles Podcast featuring FAB Website Editor, Editorial Assistant at Faber & Faber, and the voice of the world’s first digital model, Ama Badu (English BA, 2018), is joined by Founder of The History Hotline podcast and Oral History and Project Officer at Wesley’s Chapel, Deanna Lyn Cook (English and History BA, 2018).

Watch here | Listen here


Dominic Johnson (Drama) was commissioned to write an essay to accompany Cassils’s solo exhibition at HOME in Manchester. Read his essay and those of our friends here: Cassils – Who By Fire by Dominic JohnsonThe Statuesque in the Headlights by Jay BernardShowstopper by Libro Levi BridgemanCassils Cuts: A Traditional Sculpture: Time Lapse (Front), 2011 (detail) Courtesy of the artist

Madeleine Levy (English and Drama graduate 2011) Madeleine talks about her new book, When I Grow Up I Want to Be a Cat: Surviving the education system with Asperger’s, where she and others share their experiences of navigating the education system with autism. Madeleine also talks about why she started her own theatre company for people with autism and the important lessons she learned and shared during her time at university.

Read her alumni profile here

Sophie Burrows

Pathologies of Solitude Project Update

Artist-in-residence, the award-winning illustrator Sophie Burrows, has created a series of artworks in response to research stemming from our project. An online exhibition of her work, as well as sketchbooks and notes on the process, can be found here.

The Astronaut Alone In our latest blog, researcher Jeffrey Mathias writes about NASA’s isolation chamber, used to put astronauts to the test in the 1950s. Read the post


kitt price (English) and Aleksander Kolkowski recreate the experience of ‘thinking-in’, when thousands of listeners engaged in radio telepathy experiments during the 1920s and 30s on Resonance FM. Listen here

Nisha Ramayya (English/Creative Writing) and Akshi Singh Wellcome-funded project on experiences of solitude in relation to race and migration. his project is part of the bigger Pathologies of Solitude project led by Barbara Taylor. With poet Rachel Long and coordinator Tasha Pick, the team has organised a series of creative writing workshops in association with Hackney Migrant Centre and Praxis, featuring inspiring sessions on names, spaces for sleeping, and collective processes of recollection & documentation.

Nisha will also be performing as part of an encounter between poetry and music Treble Heaven at Café Oto on 30 November with sonic dramaturg MJ Harding. Find out more

Durga Puja

Morag Shiach (English/Director, Network: QMUL Centre for the Creative and Cultural Economy) has published a key report with the British Council on Mapping the Creative Economy around the Durga Puja.

Read more

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Whilst we try our hardest to make sure listings are accurate, we recommend contacting the event organiser or registering before attending any events.

Mistakes and omissions can be made with this volume of information and we apologise for these.

If you have any news or events for our final newsletter in 2021 please reply to this email.

Warm regards


Rupert Dannreuther
Marketing Manager

School of English and Drama
Queen Mary University of London

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English and Drama Newsletter – October 2021 Edition

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UNDERGRADUATE OPEN DAY ON SATURDAY We have 4 exciting tasters including on Romeo and Juliet, Creative Writing, Protest and Showbusiness. Plus we have subject introductions on English and Drama to give you the   Book here | See our programme


The School of English and Drama has been named #2 for Drama, #6 for Creative Writing and #25 for English in the latest Times Good University Guide 2022. The Head of School, Scott McCracken said:“The School of English and Drama at Queen Mary is internationally recognised for its departments of Drama, Creative Writing, and English Literature. We are delighted to see this reflected in the departments’ top scores in the Times Good University Guide.


 Queen Mary University of London has committed to a major investment aimed at improving and enhancing our arts and culture facilities. The new facilities will ensure that we can continue to support teaching and research that is both world leading, inclusive and accessible to the communities we work with. The enhanced facilities, for which accessibility has been a driving principle — will include:A new cinema designed by leading architects McFarland-Latter, including the latest in surround-sound and projection technologies; The instalment of new digital technologies for motion capture and ambisonic playback in Rehearsal Room 3;A new production suite adjacent to Rehearsal Room 3 including a fully sound-proofed recording booth, and control facilities for video and audio production;Improved lighting, sound and seating in Room G.34 enabling flexible use as a seminar room, gallery or installation studio;

Read more


This Conjuncture: After Brexit, Corbyn and Covid with Anthony Barnett, Ellie Mae O’Hagan, and Scott McCracken

Monday 4 October 2021 

Join Anthony Barnett, Ellie Mae O’Hagan and Scott McCracken to unpick the power relations and thematics at work in our current moment, from Brexit and the ascent of nationalist populism, to the devastating experience of defeat in the 2019 general election, to the implications of the pandemic for the radical left.

Book tickets

Detritus: what has been worn away

Saturday 23 October 2021

Drama graduate Dani Harvey is producing a one day Live Art event  that will feature durational, interactive, momentary, and material-based artworks, that challenge what performance can and should be in gallery spaces. Lots of Drama alumni are taking part.

Book tickets

The origins of Jewish immigration social history in Manchester and London

Thursday 14 October 2021, 6.30pm – 8.30pm, online 

An illustrated talk and conversation discussing the origins of Jewish immigrant oral history from the 1970s onwards in Manchester and London featuring our very own Nadia Valman (English) 

Book tickets

Anna Maguire on ‘Hostile Environments: Refugees, Asylum Seekers and the Politics of Loneliness’

Tuesday 26 October 2021 In the first paper in our 2021/22 seminar series, Anna Maguire from Queen Mary, University of London explores experiences of refugee isolation and loneliness as a weapon of the state.

Book tickets

The Commune at 150: a symposium

Tuesday 2 November 2021

We celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune with an in-person symposium. The event brings together scholars specialising in literature, the visual arts, material culture, political theory, and more, for an interdisciplinary exploration of the Commune’s ongoing political and cultural significance. The conference also hopes to reinvigorate wider cross-disciplinary debates about the generative logic of insurrectionary events as well as about the formation of radical traditions.

Book tickets


Alumni Profile: Performer, Creative Director and Union Leader, José Bencosme Zayas

Theatre and Performance MA ’18

In his profile, José talks about the significance of London’s theatre scene to his growth as a performer, how the Drama department at Queen Mary welcomed and supported him throughout his studies, and about the work he is currently doing to improve working conditions for theatre artists at home in the Dominican Republic. 

Read the full interview

Expeditions Series

Emeritus Professor Susheila Nasta has made a series of must-watch short talks on:

Susheila also hosted a walk around Bloomsbury around Asian spectacles.

You can listen here

Zara Dinnen in conversation

As part of the AHRC funded network Pause for Thought (University of Lincoln and University of Warwick) Zara Dinnen (English) conversation with Niall Docherty (researcher at Microsoft) about how “the user” is a major figure in society today. The conversation has been published online here. Pause for Thought is an interdisciplinary network of principally UK-based scholars, writers, artists, and media practitioners who are invested in the future of media literacy, and modes of analysis, creative practices, and teaching strategies appropriate for our rapidly shifting media landscape.

Read the post


Ed Nesbit (QMUL composer-in-residence) has written an Antigone, in which various QMUL students have been involved (as the chorus). Abbie Jukes (English), Rachel Bryant-Davies (Comp. Lit), and Katie Fleming discussed Antigone with Ed, and this ‘pre-concert’ talk is going live this Friday 1st October at 17.00 via the link below.

Watch the premiere

News Digest

Michael Hughes has written a new piece of short fiction, ‘Marcel Marceau’, in a forthcoming anthology, The New Frontier; Reflections from the Irish Border, published October 15th from New Island Books.


Pathologies of Solitude


🦋PASSAGES🦋 ‘After a difficult period of time, this new academic year will hopefully be one of positive change and transition, and we want our first print run to reflect that. By making ‘passages’ the theme of our first print run, we are hoping it will provide an outlet to help aid the healing process this next year will bring. PEACH is open for submissions NOW. They take submissions from students for poetry, prose, short story, comics, illustration, paintings, collage, photography (including photographs of 3D art forms such as sculpture, embroidery, textile art, ect.). Deadline is the 13 October and you can send your submissions to the team at peachmagazine@qmsu.org.’

Queen Mary Wasafiri New Writing Prize Shortlist Announced

The shortlisted writers, from eight countries across four continents, are:  

Fiction judged by Hirsh Sawhney 

Kate Carne  for ‘First to Go’ | Riddhi Dastidar for ‘Fuck Marry Kill’  | Bhavika Govil for ‘Eggs keep falling from the fourth floor’ | Mónica Ibarra Parle for ‘The Claws Come First’ | Anam Raheem for ‘Tessellation’ 

Life Writingjudged by Christie Watson | Anne O’Brien for ‘Swallow’ | Dalbinder Kular for ‘The Prediction’ | Usha Rungoo for ‘The Song of Life’ | Damion Spencer for ‘Death Comes in Threes’ | Shamini Sriskandarajah for ‘Hazel and Fiver’ 

Poetry judged by Tishani Doshi 

Jordan Hamel for ‘If you read this backwards blood becomes wine’ | Asmaa Jama for ‘Autopsy’ | Shereen Leanne for ‘almost-shahrazad: part one’ | Dipanjali Roy for ‘सफ़रनामा / safarnama’ | Dorsía Smith Silva ‘Ghost Talker Poem’ 

The winners will be announced on 14 October at an event. 

Read more here

Wasafiri Magazine Craft – New Podcast & Transcriber Opportunity for Students

Wasafiri (based at QMUL) is looking for a transcriber to join the Wasafiri team, to transcribe episodes of our new podcast on international literature, Craft. Email a.nishat@qmul.ac.uk for more information. 

English and Drama Newsletter – April 2021 Edition

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We hope we can inspire you with what’s happening in April in the School of English and Drama.

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Catherine Silverstone


Professor Joshua Chambers-Letson (Northwestern University) will present a lecture called: “Love Will Never Do: Black and Brown Love in a Queer Rhythm Nation”.

Book Here (open to all, free & online)

81 Acts

LAST CALL: PAID OPPORTUNITY FOR BLACK STUDENTS: The Mending Room: We’re looking for four students who share a Black British, Caribbean or African Heritage, to support and document a unique project – part of 81 Acts of Exuberant Defiance (humanifesto pictured above) – with the legendary theatre arts activist Tony Cealy.

Led by Tony, you will work over ten Saturday mornings starting 10 April and culminating in a share event on 5 June. If you are in Second/Third Year or are a postgraduate, please contact Ali Campbell (a.m.campbell@qmul.ac.uk) ASAP to get involved, or see this blog post.



14 April: Email sed-admissions@qmul.ac.uk for an invite.



English Postgraduate Research Seminar

Dr Clare Pettitt (King’s College London) on ‘The Inter-National Novel in 1848’. 
8 April – Free – Online on Zoom
Book Here

Drama QUORUM Seminar
Christa Holka on documenting the lives and processes of her intimate and extended intersectional queer communities.
22 April – Free – Online via Zoom
Book Here


Queen Mary Conversations Week
9-16 April – Free – Online

A week-long series of events that talk about everything from boxing to housework, data science to teeth, childcare to synaesthesia, engineering to zombies. 

Find Out More and Book


2nd Annual Live Art Lecture (LADA/QMUL) by Morgan Quaintance
21 April – Free – Online

  A lecture by Morgan Quaintance: “Only Connect: Affect and Transcendence After Isolation”, in association with MA Live Art.
Book Here


Nisha Ramayya
(English/Creative Writing) is taking part in lots of events this month: Wednesday 7 April – Nisha is giving a keynote talk on multivocal poetics at ‘Un/crossing language cracks: exophonic practices and realities’, organised by the University of Montreal. Also Wednesday 7 April – Nisha is participating on a roundtable on ‘radical inclusivity, diaspora, and poetry’, hosted by Camden Arts Centre in collaboration with The 87 Press. More infoThursday 8 April – Nisha is presenting new work on mathematical romance, underwater listening, and speculative frequencies at the ‘audiograft festival of experimental music and sound art’. More infoFor more events happening across the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences see the HSS events newsletter.

News & Links

Book cover

Fatima Abukar (English student) has launched her debut poetry collection Don’t Be Dramatic, Light Her Up, and it’s now available on Amazon. Find out more on Fatima’s Instagram


Celebrating 50 years of Bangladeshi Independence – Alumni story
In this special blog post, alumna Sabiya Khatun (English BA, 2011) talks about a new exhibition in collaboration with Tower Hamlets Archives and the National Portrait Gallery, Bangladesh 50, which will explore the impact of the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971, and the experience of the Bangladeshi community, many of whom came to settle in Tower Hamlets. In the post, Sabiya talks about how getting involved with the exhibition as a Citizen Researcher resonated with the topics she was interested in during her degree, and why members of the Queen Mary community should go and see it.

Costanza Casati In this profile, writer and screenwriter Costanza Casati (English and Film Studies BA, 2017) talks about her debut novel, The President Show, which follows Iris, a nineteen-year-old thief who is captured and forced to take part in the state-run President Show, a reality programme where ‘Lovers’ have to entertain politicians in a bid to win their freedom. Described as Vox meets The Hunger Games, The President Show is a story of resilience, abuse, betrayal and hope. Costanza also shares details of her “bookstagram” page @youngpeopleread, where she interviews acclaimed debut writers.
Read the profile.

Miranda Burns In this profile, Radio Presenter at Capital and Capital South Coast and Ambassador for Endometriosis UK, Miranda Burns (Drama BA, 2015), reflects on how her weekly slot on QMSU’s Quest Radio allowed her to develop the skills and confidence needed for her successful career in radio, on some of her career highlights to date and how she has had to adapt her shows in response to the pandemic, and shares how she uses her social media as a safe space to talk about women’s health and her own infertility struggles. Read the profile.

Matt Rubery (English)’s essay Bottled Authors: The predigital dream of the audiobook is published in Cabinet Magazine. Read the essay

English and Drama Newsletter – March 2021 Edition

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24/03: Drama Year 12/13 Taster – Writing Now: Caryl Churchill with Jen Harvie

24/03: English Yr 12/13 Taster: 20th Century Cultural Renaissance w/ Morag Shiach

14/04: Drama Yr 12/13 Taster: Independent Performance Making with Lois Weaver


The next LAHP Feminist Reading Group is on the 30 March from 5-6:30pm where we will be discussing Audre Lorde’s ‘Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power’.

Download flyer | Sign up


Colloquium: Religion and Victorian Popular Literature and Culture
6-8 May, Online, Free

Registration is now open for both a standalone keynote paper by Anne-Marie Beller and Kerry Featherstone, titled ‘“No greater spiritual beauty than fanaticism”: Women Travellers’ Encounters with Islam in the Nineteenth Century’ (Thursday 6 May) and a colloquium of six themed discussion panels on the expression and representation of religion in nineteenth-century popular culture texts of all kinds. (Friday 7 and Saturday 8 May). The events are free but registration is required. Thanks to Claire Stainthorp (English) for sharing this.

Full programme and registration details here


Medieval Solitude in Maria Dahvana Headley’s The Mere Wife
30 March – 5pm (online) – Online, Free
  SED alumna Hetta Howes will be speaking at the Solitudes Past and Present seminar about loneliness, solitude and transformative natural spaces in a contemporary re-telling of Beowulf. All are welcome but booking is required here.

News & Links

Jerry Brotton (English) launches his new BBC series Blood and Bronze. ‘Blood and Bronze’ is the story of Benvenuto Cellini (1500-1571), one of the Italian Renaissance’s most controversial yet frequently overlooked artists, a man who wrote one of the most dramatic autobiographies in art history and lived and worked in the greatest courts and cities in Italy and France, from Florence, Rome, Mantua and Paris to Fontainebleau. He was a goldsmith; sculptor; painter; poet; soldier; musician; thief, priest and murderer.


Asia Khatun (English with Creative Writing Alumna) is editor of Thawra, an online literary magazine that provides a platform for minority creatives from budding short story authors to critical academic writers.

Read it here

Michael McKinnie

Michael Mckinnie (Drama) Michael’s new book Theatre in Market Economies is published by Cambridge University Press. The book explores the complex relationship between theatre and the market economy since the 1990s. Bringing together research from the arts and social sciences, the book proposes that theatre has increasingly taken up the mission of the ‘mixed economy’ by seeking to combine economic efficiency with social security while promoting liberal democracy.

Susheila Nasta on Penguin Podcasts

Susheila Nasta (English) is featured on the Penguin podcast on Sam Selvon’s The Lonely Londoners.

Listen here on Apple Podcasts

Nisha Ramayya (English/Creative Writing) has joined the Ledbury Poetry Critics programme as a mentor. Mentors are pictured above. It is a programme to encourage diversity in poetry reviewing culture aimed at emerging critical voices.

She has also published an essay-in-progress. Listening to shadows skoosh in the ‘Sonic Continuum’ issue of The Contemporary Journal (hosted by Nottingham Contemporary). The piece is creative-critical and focusses on soundwalks, sci fi, and submarine cables.

The Wild Track

Margaret Reynolds’ (English) new book about motherhood and adoption: The Wild Track: Adoption, Mothering, Belonging has been widely featured across the media and links to the coverage available online are below. We interviewed Professor Reynolds for our blog here to find out more about what the book’s about.

The Guardian (feature) | The Telegraph (feature) | Monocle Radio (Radio Special)

The White Review

Izabella Scott (English PhD) who is doing avPhD on gender identity and the law with us is the new editor-in-chief of The White Review.

Devina Vassileva (English and Drama student)’s film FriDgid has won multiple awards across Europe and was screened by PEACH magazine on 4 March.

Read more about Devina | Watch the film

English and Drama Newsletter – February 2021 Edition

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Quick updates from us:

4 Feb English Postgraduate Research Seminar: Nadia Atia

Representing Iraq from Afar: Muhsin al-Ramli’s Scattered Crumbs

18 Feb QUORUM Drama: Lola Olufemi  (Writer of Feminist Interrupted – picture from seminar flyer above left)
Imaginative-Revoluntionary Potential: how, what, where

VOTE ONLINE TO SUPPORT ALUMNA THEATRE SHOW: Fraciska Éry has been nominated for an award for her Hamlet production. Vote to help her win.

WHAT WE’RE READING: We’re publishing an LGBT+ History Month special of our new column What We’re Reading. Be sure to contribute by recommending a book.

THE POWER OF POETRY: Read poetry by our students as we are inspired to celebrate the medium after hearing Amanda Gorman’s powerful work.

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Online Events

Sat 13 Feb, Online
We have our next opportunity in January for our 2021 entry offer holders to hear an overview of their course, meet a member of staff for an interview and do a taster session.
Email us for information


We’ve just launched 2 new tasters on Sat 13 Feb:

Drama Year 12/13 Taster: Theatre & The Supernatural

English Yr 12/13 Taster: Contemporary Middle Eastern Writing


Public Space and the Geography of Loneliness
4 Feb, Online Our very own Matthew Ingleby will speak on Public Space and the Geography of Loneliness is the first event in our series of The English Association’s special interest group on Loneliness and Technology.

PEACH Creative Workshop
9 Feb, Online

“In honour of #lgbtqhistorymonth, we have decided to theme our first creative workshop of 2021  on love! The prompts for this workshop will be shaped around the works of queer writers and artists, using their pieces as inspiration for creative creation”.

Diaspora Speaks – February Events
From 10 Feb, Online

Check out the Instagram for all the details

10 Feb, Online

A night organised by our very own student Jasmine Rothon that is open to everyone – beginners and pros! Reading and performing original work and covers of poems we love. Do a reading or just watch.

Sign up here

Book Launch: The Network Turn: Changing Perspectives in the Humanities
on 11 Feb at 4pm GMT

Celebrate the launch of Ruth Ahnert’s co-authored book with a conversation hosted by Jo Guldi and Zoe le Blanc on Zoom.

You can register here

Chang and Eng and Me (And Me)
16 Feb, online
A short performance by PhD student Tobi Poster-Su for puppets in 3 acts followed by a post-show discussion.More information and tickets

Pathologies of Solitude Seminar Series
From 16 Feb, Online

The series continues online this term, with an exciting line up of speakers from literary scholars and historians to neuroscientists. The seminars take place on Tuesdays at 5pm (UK time). All are welcome but booking is required. You can see the full line-up of speakers here and register for attendance here.

Wasafiri Writing workshops

Wasafiri Writing Workshops
Various Dates from February-April 2021

Find out more here

News & Links

Alumni Profiles:

  • Lucy Dear (Drama BA, 2006), Applied Theatre Practitioner, Director and Community Producer.
  • Evie Lewis (English Literature MA), PhD Researcher.
  • Annabelle Sami (English Literature MA), Children’s Author.

Bechdel Theatre co-run by Drama graduate Pippa Sa has received Arts Council funding to help develop the pioneering platform from a 2-person passion-project into a sustainable, equitable company, supporting, amplifying & connecting women, trans & non-binary people who work in & care about theatre & live performance.

Desi Delicacies

Rosie Dastgir (English) has a short story in an anthology of fiction and non fiction and recipes called Desi Delicacies: Food Writing from Muslim South Asia – about south Asian Muslim foodways – edited by Professor Claire Chambers at York University and just published by Picador India.  Her story is called A Brief History of the Carrot – !

Figs in Wigs

Figs in Wigs (Drama alumni) publish a new printed version of their Little Wimmin through Salamander Street.

Buy it here


Rachel Gregory Fox (English)’s co-edited book Post-Millennial Palestine – Literature, Memory, Resistance has been published by Oxford University Press.

Quest Radio and The Museum of London project saw two groups of QM students listening back to recordings of London in the past.

Very exciting news is that the group that explored recordings from London’s LGBTQ+ Club Scene is going to be included in Museum of London’s online content for LGBT History Month!

Students in the LGBT research group include Eve Bolton, Kirsten Johnson, Georgia Wood and Keir McEwan.

Afternoon Deelight

Martin O’Brien (Drama) is interviewed for Afternoon Deelight podcast  by Jordy Deelight. He says ‘it was brilliant to talk about Cystic Fibrosis and my work with someone else with it. We dig into early performance work in Poland, illness, Bob and Sheree, and survival.’

Listen here

Sunday Skool

Martin has just launched a project with Shabnam Shabazi and Joseph Morgan Schofield. It’s The Sunday Skool for Misfits, Experimenters, and Dissenters. It will be a free 12 week course, every Sunday for artists in the early part of their practice: The Sunday Skool – VSSL studio (vssl-studio.org)

Susheila Nasta (English/Wasafiri Magazine) will be one fo the judges for the David Cohen Prize for a full life’s work only awarded every two years. Fellow judges include: Hermione Lee (Chair), Reeta Chakrabarti (BBC), Peter Kemp (The Times lead fiction critic) and Maura Dooley (poet, Prof at Goldsmith’s, previous Director of Southbank Literature). Previous winners of this illustrious include: Edna O’Brien, Tom Stoppard, Harold Pinter, Hilary Mantel, David Holroyd, Julian Barnes, Tony Harrison, Seamus Heaney, VS Naipaul. Read more here

Matthew Rubery (English) writes about how maintaining a critical distance with books might not be around for long on Public Books:

“Scholars have been conditioned to respond to talk of likes and dislikes with embarrassment, if not outright contempt. But the facade of critical detachment may be on the way out,”

Read the article here

People’s Palace Projects (Based at QMUL) has been featured in a UKRI Impact Case Study here.

English and Drama Newsletter – January 2021 Edition

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Happy New Year 2021

We wish you a safe and supported 2021. We’re here to help if you need us this year and would love to hear from you.

Quick updates from us:

UCAS DEADLINE EXTENSION: Undergraduate applicants for September 2021 entry now have until 29 January to apply. Watch our IG Live or ask a question.

7 DAY GRACE PERIOD: The School has agreed a 7-day grace period for all SED assignments due in January 2021. Details here

HOW TO CONTACT US:  Our physical office is currently closed but we are available to contact via these methods including live chat.

WASAFIRI MAGAZINE: Psst. exciting events are coming very soon so please do sign up to their newsletter via the link in the top right corner of the website.

STAY CONNECTED: Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / Youtube

Pictured: Wonderer Literary Journal, Romeo & Juliet featuring student Emily Redpath, Decolonising Sloane’s herbarium and our latest Instagram Live.

Online Events

Wednesday 20 January 2021

We have our next opportunity in January for our 2021 entry offer holders to hear an overview of their course, meet a member of staff for an interview and do a taster session.

Email us for information


We have two online open events planned for the following courses:

MA English Literature – 3 Feb – 5-6pm UK Time
MSc Creative Arts and Mental Health – 3 Feb – 6.30-8pm UK Time

Sign up here to get invited


Welcome to The Last Breath Society: Mortality, Care, and Solidarity in Zombie Time
Thursday 14 January 2021 6.30pm-8.15pm on Zoom

Our very own Martin O’Brien will talk about his practice and research in relation to ideas of care, community, and solidarity in times of illness. He will discuss his notion of Zombie Time, or the temporal experience of living on longer than expected, as a way of understanding mortality and chronic illness.

Get tickets

Power to the People – a digital festival by Phakama
Sunday 17 January 2021

Join Project Phakama (arts organisation based at QMUL) on Sunday 17th January 2021 for Project Phakama’s very first Digital Festival! To kick off Phakama’s 25th birthday celebrations they’ll be hosting a day’s festival called Power to the people, exploring the theme of ‘resistance‘.

Over the course of a day participants will come together to explore the things we are resisting. You’ll be able to choose from a range of workshops exploring movement, art therapy, creative writing and photography, sharing your ideas and building a small piece of performance to showcase to the group.Come along to revel in Phakama’s brilliant philosophy and people, feel inspired and explore something new.

Book a free ticket here

News & Links

Sloane Herbarium in the Natural History Museum, London
Portrait of Sir Hans Sloane in the Museum’s Historical Collections Room which holds Sloane’s herbarium (along the wall) and his Vegetable Substances (in the drawers). The latter are mostly botanical objects, numbered and sealed in decorative glass boxes. Sloane carefully catalogued where they came from, who had sent them to him and what they were used for.

AHRC LAHP Collaborative Doctoral Award: ‘Decolonising the Sloane Herbarium’

Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and the Natural History Museum (NHM) are pleased to announce the availability of a fully funded doctoral grant from October 2021.

This studentship is funded for 3.5 years full time (or part-time equivalent). The project will investigate provenance information for the botanical specimens in the Sloane Herbarium, a foundation collection of NHM, to re-imagine our understanding of its global and imperial dimensions.

Julie Rose Bower (Drama) has been commissioned by Victoria & Albert Museum to make ASMR videos. These will be released throughout this first quarter of 2021 and she hopes they will provide some stress relief deep in the cloister of the archive.

The last films were featured in Elephant magazine and described Julie Rose as one of the artists you need to know ‘carving out space to reflect on the world today’: https://elephant.art/these-are-the-artists-you-need-to-know-05042020/

Submissions are open

Feather Pen Submissions Open

Feather Pen Blog is a creative writing platform managed by SED student Aysel Dilara Kasap that welcomes any type of writing and writers from all backgrounds. Our mission is to offer a creative space for all writers and aspiring writers to unleash their creativity. We want to help fellow writers to share their work, in this age in which rejections are more common than acceptance.

We’re open for submissions for all of our categories which include fiction (short stories and scripts), poetry and lifestyle (includes most kinds of non-fiction from articles, book reviews, film reviews, personal blog entries to travel accounts to anything you want to share). We especially encourage submissions for the fiction section. We’re also open to discuss any column ideas. Send your submissions or pitches to featherpen-blog@hotmail.com.

Vanessa Damilola Macaulay (Drama) Photography and memory, ritual and writing come together in Vanessa Damilola Macaulay’s inquiry into racialised experiences of breath and breathlessness, from violent anti-blackness to Fanon’s revolution.

Read it here

Elliot Morsia (English Alumnus) has published a ground-breaking new study of D. H. Lawrence with Bloomsbury Academic  Exploring draft manuscripts, alternative texts and publishers’ typescripts, The Many Drafts of D. H. Lawrence reveals new insights into the writings and writing practices of one of the most important writers of the 20th century. Focusing on the most productive years of Lawrence’s writing life, between 1909 and 1926 – a time that saw the writing of major novels such as Women in Love and the controversial The Plumed Serpent, as well as his first major short story collection – this book is the first to apply analytical methods from the field of genetic criticism to the archives of this canonical modernist author.

The book unearths and re-evaluates a variety of themes including the body, selfhood, the sublime, trauma, death, depression, and endings, and includes original transcriptions as well as reproductions from the manuscripts themselves. By charting Lawrence’s writing processes, the book also highlights how the very distinction between ‘process’ and ‘product’ became a central theme in his work. 

Read more and order here
Follow Elliott on Twitter: @EMorsia


Nineteenth-Century Religion, Literature and Society: Disbelief and New Beliefs, edited by Clare Stainthorp (a new Leverhulme ECF in the School of English and Drama) and Naomi Hetherington was published in December as part of a four-volume Routledge resource. The volume explores the transformation of the religious landscape of Britain and its imperial territories during the 1800s as shaped by Bible criticism, science, esotericism, comparative religion, and freethought. It introduces and makes accessible diverse primary sources, from novels and poetry to sermons and pamphlets.

Emily Redpath (Drama alumna) is starring in a socially distanced and cleverly filmed version Romeo & Juliet and highlighted by the Guardian’s Chris Wiegand.⁠

Read the article in the Guardian

Tudor Networks of Power Led by Ruth Ahnert (English).

Tudor Networks works in a similar way to platforms such as Google Maps. It offers to possibility for users to view almost 100 years of history from a macro perspective. Just like Google Maps might reveal streets that had never been mapped before, this platform reveals hidden histories and network connections that were previously unknown.

Read more

Martin Welton (Drama) writes the intro and edits the publication of the first of a two-part special issue of Ambianceson Staging Atmospheres co-edited with Chloé Déchery.

Read here


WONDERER (SED Student Run Literary Journal) has launched it’s first issue and includes incredible examples of our students’ workincluding work on consciousness and race, South African fiction, gender displacement and much more fascinating lockdown reading.

Read it online here

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English and Drama Newsletter – December 2020 Edition

Happy Holidays and Good Riddance to 2020

A few quick-fire updates from us:

INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES – 3 DECEMBER: We are delighted to hear thatAccessibility Consultant, Journalist and Speaker, Emily Rose Yates (English BA, 2013), was recently listed among the Shaw Trust’s Power 100, an annual publication containing the 100 most influential disabled people in the UK. 

COLLEGE CLOSURE DAYS: Queen Mary is closed from 18 December 2020-4 January 2021. If you need support please get in touch before this starts.

SEMESTER 2 DATES: 25 January -16 April 2021 / Bank holidays: 2 and 5 April 2021.

: Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / Youtube

LEVERHULME & PhD DEADLINES: 2021 Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship scheme and PhD Studentships information on our website.

Online Events



Friday 11 December 2020, 3.30 – 6.30pm (GMT)

You will also get the chance to take part in live subject panel sessions with current students, which will include a Q&A where you can ask questions about your subject of interest. The event will close with our semi-live digital tour, where you will be able to explore our Mile End campus and take part in a text Q&A session to find out more about living and studying at Queen Mary.

Book online


Creative Writing Taster

Creative Writing Taster Session for Year 12-13 Students
9 Dec, 4-5pm – Free Online


ENGLISH – POSTGRADUATE RESEARCH SEMINAR ‘Hear the sledges with the bells- Silver bells! What a world of merriment their melody foretells!’- Santa Poe Join the PGRS team on 10/12 for their PhD panel & ap-POE-priately festive Christmas Quiz! Sign up in teams of up to 4 now and watch here for more soon https://forms.gle/AtYYg3LJByYr1N


‘Sh!t Actually’ is Backtually3-5 Dec – Rose Theatre and 12-23 at Home Manchester
QMUL Drama graduates Sh*t Theatre present their provocative and hilarious festive rework of Love Actually to prove ‘Love Actually is All Around’.

‘Best Alternative Christmas shows’ (Evening Standard).
‘No other alternative Christmas shows’ (Global Apocalypse)

Lived Religion and the Visual Arts: A Virtual Study Day4 Dec, Online, 2-4.30pm on ZoomA study day jointly hosted by the Centre for Religion and Literature in English (QMCRLE) and LERMA at Aix-Marseille Universitié.

Last Gasp WFH – Encore
6 Dec, Online – La Mama Experimental Theatre Club

Split Britches

Photo by Jingyu Lin for The New York Times

Written and performed by Peggy Shaw and Lois Weaver of Split Britches, it is a series of verbal and physical essays that playfully dances through the dangerous intersections of permanence and impermanence, interdependence and care, knowledge and experience, narcissism and echoes.

Book here

“not just one of the 40-year-old company’s best pieces, but among the most evocative art to emerge from the Covid era” –
Elisabeth Vincentelli, The New York Times

Rethinking Darkness Book Launch
10 Dec, Online, 3-5pm BST – Free
Our very own Martin Welton presents his work on Theatrical uses of darkness as part of this book launch.

10 Dec, Online, 5pm BST – Free Centring care and wellbeing in building online spaces.Prof. Pat Healy and Zoe Gumbs

Daniel Oliver

Daniel Oliver: Weird Séance
16 Dec, 7 & 9pm Cambridge Junction

A special IRL socially distanced performance of Weird Séance by our very own Daniel Oliver.

QMUL Seminar Series 2020-2021: Crowds, Affects, Cities
Dr Ben Gook (History, University of Melbourne):
Collectivity and Affect in Crisis Times: Dancing in Berlin, 1989-2020

16 Dec, Online, 8pm BST – Free

Join via Zoom: Meeting ID: 813 2218 1471 / Passcode: 203341

“The Fall of the Berlin Wall launched a wave of ecstatic raving and clubbing across Berlin. That wave’s force has carried the city’s clubbing scene right through to today—although it has met an unforeseen break in this year of Covid restrictions. For thirty years, the thump of bass has never gone so silent. In this paper, I’ll put my previous work on ecstasy and melancholy in Berlin around 1989 in dialogue with recent developments, as clubbers, DJs and producers contend with a moment in which collectives and crowds have become sites of anxiety. I’ll consider the attempts to replicate the clubbing experience online, as well as the irrepressible raving energies that have seen illegal parties take place against stringent public health measures.”

News & Links
Alumni Profiles this month: Emily Rose Yates
(English BA, 2013), Accessibility Consultant, Journalist & Speaker. Nathan Benitez (English BA), founder of afoodible.Creative Skills Academy: Rupert Dannreuther has run 3 online creative skills workshops and 2 in-person drop-ins for students, staff and friends. These will continue in semester 2 on Wednesday afternoons. Thanks to all who have attended so far.

Decolonise QMUL hosted an event for Black and Muslim students which featured Mohamed Mohamed from Black and Muslim in Britain (must-watch Youtube series), QMUL graduate Sawda On a Screen and poet Rakaya Esime Fetuga.

Diaspora Speaks

Diaspora Speaks has launched it’s first print issue showcasing work by students of colour. Co-founder Sawdah Bhaimiya (English BA) is interviewed here.

Pick it up from the Student Union Reception
Read the issue online

Hari Marini (Admin/Drama)’s performance company PartSuspended is in this #WIP online exhibition, curated by Queer Arts Projects which is on between 15 Oct 2020-15 Jan 2021.

See the exhibition

Michael McKinnie teaching drama in the Great Hall

Michael McKinnie (Drama) gave a helpful session for first year drama students in the grand surroundings of the Great Hall in the People’s Palace.

English and Drama Newsletter – November 2020 Edition

Remembering Catherine Silverstone

DR CATHERINE SILVERSTONE: Head of the School of English and Drama and a longstanding colleague in the Department of Drama at Queen Mary University of London, tragically passed away on Sunday 4th October 2020 at King’s College Hospital. Our thoughts are with her partner Julia, her family in New Zealand and her friends. We all loved and will miss Catherine more than we can ever say.
Read more and leave a message of remembrance

LOCKDOWN SUPPORT: We would like to remind students and staff that there is emotional support for you at the college from Mental Health First Aiders to counselling services.

Read about support for students and staff

A Season of Bangla Drama 2020

A SEASON OF BANGLA DRAMA: This year the biggest British-Bengali theatre goes online online with performances from east London as well as West Bengal, India and Sylhet Bangladesh.

See ‘A Season of Bangla Drama’ Programme

Online Events



English Taster – Brave New Words: Writing Across Worlds with Wasafiri
23 Nov, 5-6.30pm – Free Online

Drama Taster – QM Futures: The Colored Museum & Writing Race
1 and 8 Dec, 5-7pm – Free Online

QMUL Creative Writing Taster Session for Year 12-13 Students
9 Dec, 4-5pm – Free Online


HM Online 2020: Performance and Political Economy

6 Nov, Online, 3-5pm BST – Free
Our very own Shane Boyle and Martin Young are on the panel on performance and political economy.

English Peer Assisted Study Support (PASS)
11 Nov, Online, 3pm BST – Free
The next virtual English PASS drop-in session for First Year students takes place on Wednesday at 3pm (Week 8) via Blackboard Collaborate. Follow this link to access the module page and join the webinars: https://qmplus.qmul.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=13405. Week 8’s webinar is an open session – feel free to drop-in at any point to ask for any advice relating to your assignments or modules.


11 Nov, Online, 5pm BST – Free Work and Utopia

Prof. Gerry Hanlon and Xavier De Sousa

Artists had been referred to by corporations as the ‘perfect worker’, finding enjoyment and drive in their work despite the often-long hours and low pay. Now we are moving to a world where we are being encouraged to retrain, up-skill and evolve. TAF have invited independent performance maker and curator Xavier de Sousa and Professor Gerard Hanlon from the Centre for Labour and Global Production at Queen Mary University of London to discuss, from their own viewpoints, the idea of WORK & UTOPIA. They will be working through ‘what matters’. To them, to you, and what we should be thinking about in building strategies for change in a post-COVID world.

Five Bodies

Five Bodies
12 Nov, Online, 6.30-8.30pm BST – Free
Inspired by moments of unknowingness, invention and imagination, Five Bodies brings together some of the most outstanding British and international poets including our very own Nisha Ramayya to share experiences of contemporary poetry.

Poetry vs Colonialism Series – Being Human Festival
14-22 Nov, Online – Free

Explore the histories of gold, sugar, cotton and tobacco with poets, artists, academics & museums. Join the online workshops to discover how poets can help decolonise the world.

Last Gasp WFH
21 Nov, Online – La Mama Experimental Theatre Club

Last Gasp WFH, looks for ways we might catch our breath in these times of global uncertainty, considering our ‘last acts’, whether personal, political or environmental.

Written and performed by Peggy Shaw and Lois Weaver of Split Britches, it is a series of verbal and physical essays that playfully dances through the dangerous intersections of permanence and impermanence, interdependence and care, knowledge and experience, narcissism and echoes.

News & Links

Alumni Profiles this month:

Pamela Clemit (English) talks to Simon Reid-Henry about William Godwin, and historical enquiry in the form of editing.

Read the 5 Questions Interview

Caleb Femi (English alumni) has published his book Poor to wide acclaim and coverage from many publications including the Guardian, Hay Festival and New Statesman.

Genna Gardini (Drama PhD)has received the 2020 CASA award to finish my play, Many Scars.

She says: ‘I’ve been working on this thing for the past two years &it’s one of the biggest endeavours of my life – to write a play about MS that is just as strange as this disease is. Thank you, CASA! ‘

Huw Marsh (English)has his essay‘Burley Cross Postbox Theft’ as Comedy is featured in Nicola Barker: Critical Essays

Scott McCracken (English)’s edits The Oxford Edition of the Works of Dorothy Richardson, Volume IV

Cecilia Muratori (Research Fellow) is featured on History of Philosophy Books in 3 minutes with her book Renaissance Vegetarianism: The Philosophical Afterlives of Porphyry’s On Abstinence.

Rodent (Drama alum) appeared at the online, inclusive and outrageous Queer House Party on 30 October.

Morag Shiach (English) has published A ‘SECTOR DEAL’ AND A CREATIVE PRECARIAT : Shaping creative economy policy in the UK since 2010.

English and Drama Newsletter – October 2020 Edition

Welcome to our new and returning students and we can’t wait to meet new prospective students this Saturday at our open day.

Current Student FAQs | Book now for our Open Day this Saturday

LISA JARDINE ANNUAL ENGLISH LECTURE 2020: Booking is now open for 2020 lecture given by Ankhi Mukhejee: ‘Open, Closed, Interrupted City’ on 22 October 2020.

NATIONAL POETRY DAY: Our English with Creative Writing student Aisha Borja is reading her poetrytonight at 5pm.

BLACK HISTORY MONTH: We are hosting an exclusive event with Helen Thomas and Professor Susheila Nasta. Follow us on Twitter to get alerts when booking is live. See below for an exclusive event by Peach x Diaspora Speaks student-led media.

Online Events


QMUL Undergraduate Open Day
3 Oct, Online, 10.30am-6pm BST – Free

We are hosting live English and Drama sessions on studying with us on our inclusive and innovative courses from September 2021.

Register now


English Postgraduate Research Series

Watch the first Postgraduate Research Series Dr Yann Ryan talk below and follow on Twitter for details of the next events with Dr Jason Allen Paisant (Leeds) on 29 October.


Quorum is back! Autumn Virtual Quorum is excited to invite you to Dr @Kirsty Sedgman’s talk ‘How to Make the World Give a Sh*t About Theatre (Studies)’ See you on 22 October at 7:30pm, on Zoom. All welcome, request the link to our email.

Follow on Twitter for details

SARU Visiting Practitioner Series: Nisha Ramayya
5 Oct, Online, 6-8pm BST – Free

In this session, Nisha Ramayya will introduce and read from her poetic sequence ‘Now Let’s Take a Listening Walk’, part of the ongoing project Crossing the Rackety Bridge Between Tantric Poetics and Black Study. These poems began during a residency at John Hansard Gallery, at the exhibition Many voices, all of them loved, curated by poet and academic Sarah Hayden.

Register here

Also check out Deep Deep Dream: Transmissions by Ignota Books is an experiment in the techniques of awakening and an invitation to touch the dreamworld, which features Nisha’s work from 14 Oct.

Peach × Diaspora Speaks Presents: On Black Voices
22 Oct, Online, 6-8pm BST – Free

Peach Magazine and Diaspora Speaks Magazine have collaborated on designing this the event: “On Black Voices”. It will be an open-mic night dedicated to Black History Month and showcasing the voices of Black artists!  

We’re currently looking for speakers for the event. If you want to join Diaspora Speaks and Peach Magazine on this night to share something powerful then sign up using the link: https://forms.gle/yjhMSqxy4VpRU8ju9.

We have time for a maximum of 10 speakers.  This will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis so make sure to sign up now! 
For any questions or queries contact: peachmagazine@qmsu.org or diasporaspeaks@qmsu.org

Instagram Live with Dominic Johnson
28 Oct, Online, 6.30-7.30pm BST – Free via Intellect Instagram

Our Head of Drama Dominic Johnson is in conversation with James Campbell at Intellect Books for its extended “Intellect Live Art” virtual conference.

News & Links

Brian Dillon (Creative Writing)’s Suppose a Sentence is out now from Fitzcarraldo Editions (and NYRB in the US). He’ll be doing some online events in the coming weeks: with Olivia Laing at the LRB Bookshop on 6 October; with Vinson Cunningham of The New Yorker for Community Bookstore in Brooklyn on 8 October; and with Stuart Kelly at Blackwells, Edinburgh on 15 October.

Jen Harvie (Drama) Catch TWO new episodes of Professor Jen Harvie’s podcast Stage Left, where she interviews performance makers on what they make and how they make it. New episodes are with FK Alexander who works with noise, pop culture, and delicate care in performances including VIOLENCE and (I Could Go on Singing) Over the Rainbow, and with Krishna Istha, discussing their stand-up comedy on trans identity, Beast.

The Stage Left back catalogue includes interviews with Split Britches (including SED’s own Professor Lois Weaver), Breach Theatre (including SED MA alumnus, director Billy Barrett), and SED alumni Sh!t Theatre (Louise Mothersole and Rebecca Biscuit).

Listen here

Lara Jakobsen (English with Creative Writing student) has launched SCHÄM Magazine, a magazine dedicated to exploring all things sex, gender, desire and taboo.

Gabriel Krauze (English alumnus) has been interviewed by Nathalie Grey (English alumna) about his writing, crime and time at Queen Mary.

Watch the video | Read the full interview

Places of Solitude The ‘Pathologies of Solitude’ project launches its first podcast series on 19 October, looking at places and experiences of solitude and how these have changed over the centuries. Topics range from gardens, cities and sanctums, to potentially perilous places like prison cells and even the human mind. The series also includes extended pop-out interviews with Shokoufeh Sakhi, a former political prisoner held in solitary confinement in Iran, and Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Listen here from 19 October

Matt Rubery (English) has been given a small British Academy grant for a project titled ‘Projected Books for Veterans with Disabilities’. This will be the first history of Projected Books, Inc., a manufacturer of vertical projectors and microfilmed books for the use of disabled veterans in hospital beds. By displaying a book’s pages on the ceiling, projected books made it possible for thousands of people with disabilities in the United States and other parts of the world to read during the 1940s-1970s. 

Studio 3 Arts

Liza Vallance (Drama graduate) CEO/Artistic Director at Studio 3 Arts Barking has raised £1.2 million for a makeover of the community centre  which includes glitter ball, flagpole and theatre made of straw.

Read more here

Lois Weaver Join AirSupply to connect, discuss, support and showcase new performance work. Email Lois to join.